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Polish Chickens!


We are a family passionate about keeping happy, healthy Polish chickens which are raised on our farm in Yorkshire and our back garden in Wiltshire. We are hobby breeders not a business.


Our chickens are very well looked after, loved and all have lovely temperaments making them great pets. They live very happy, healthy lifestyles either free range or in a very large run; they are always kept up to date with worming and ectoparasite control and they receive lots of human contact and treats!





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We believe it is incredibly important to breed from chickens that are healthy, enriched and ultimately happy in order to produce hatching eggs with such a high fertility rate and top quality polish chicks that we can be proud of. 


We pride ourselves in supplying great quality hatching eggs for sale so you can hatch some gorgeous Polish Chickens for yourself! 


We also have smooth and frizzle Polish Chickens and cockerels for sale.


Click on the 'For Sale' tab at the top of the page to see what we have available at the moment.

We find Polish Chickens are an ideal breed to keep as pets, they are a relatively small breed and are well known for being incredibly friendly!  


Polish chickens come in smooth and frizzle feather varieties and numerous different colours; we breed a great variety of these colours including...


  • Gold-Laced

  • Silver-Laced

  • White Splash 

  • Chamois 

  • White Crested Black

  • Creole

  • White Crested Cuckoo

  • Self Blue

  • Self Black 

  • Self White

  • White Crested Blue

  • White Crested Red

  • Tolbunt